Coupling Poppet Type to ISO A
HP Series

The double-acting sliding sleeve is fixed in the locked position by means of a pre-stressed spring. For the purpose of uncoupling it is able to slide in both axial directions. The two halves of the plug-type coupling are locked together securely by means of precision snap-in balls.

The sliding sleeve can be installed in a bulkhead or fixed clamping device e.g. STAUFF Clamp, to act as a breakaway coupling. If the system is decoupled then the valves close automatically, preventing damage to the hose and possible loss of oil.


  • According to ISO 7241-1(A)
  • Can be installed as breakaway coupling
  • Modular design
  • High performance flow characteristics


  • Steel
  • Stainless steel (available on request)


  • Agricultural machinery
  • Hydraulic attachments & implements
  • Hydraulic systems - vehicle & construction equipment


  • Hardened flat retaining ring to secure internal valve
  • Reliable ball locking mechanism


  • Dust Protection

A range of caps & plugs available for protection against dust. Other plug & cap options available on request.

  • Push-Pull Sleeve Clamps

STAUFF Standard & Heavy duty clamps can be used to provide a quick disconnect utilising the push-pull feature on the female Hp series coupling.


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